Hi everyone! Welcome to my blog.
I’m a twenty something year old wife and mom (7 month old baby girl and 2 dogs). We live in Chicago, but I grew up in a small town in PA, just south of Pittsburgh. Since I was young, I’ve always had a passion for photography, design and fashion. I remember I would take my parent’s polaroid camera to dress my barbie up in different outfits and pose her in my mom’s flower garden. I guess my barbie was kinda of like the original fashion blogger and I was the photographer.

In college, I majored in Marketing and Graphic Design, and that is where I met my husband, Russell. Shortly after meeting me (according to him, seconds after), he told his roommate that I was the girl he was going to marry and the rest is kind of history. We got married at Juniata College where we met and then moved to Columbus, OH for Russell to start law school. In Columbus, I had the opportunity to work at some of the biggest fashion headquarters, Victoria’s Secret, Bath & Body Works and Express. I started doing print work and brand guides for Victoria’s Secret stores. That evolved into web design for Express. My last year in Columbus, I managed Express’ blog and was integral in their social media strategy, particularly their Instagram. While at Express, I was able to work on projects for many fashion bloggers (Gal Meets Glam, Something Navy, etc). I loved my job, but Russell got a job opportunity he couldn’t pass up and we decided it would be a great experience for us to live in a big city (not THE big city, but Chicago) in our twenties. After moving, I focused on doing freelance design (mostly wedding invitations) until landing a job at Akira. It was definitely a change of pace to go to a smaller fashion retailer, but I loved the work I was doing.

Fast forward to our little bundle of joy, Kennedy Rose. She is the best thing that has ever happened to us and I absolutely love being a mom (even on days when she refuses to nap, I swear). I’m fortunate enough to work part-time from home so I can be with her, but am excited to announce that I am starting a blog! There are many reasons to start a blog (I want my family in PA to feel like they can be part of our life, etc.), but ultimately it was something I want to do because it combines everything I love. Photography, design and fashion (I miss working on Express’ blog). Motherhood is such a HUGE part of my life now, so I’ll likely feature some of my design work, but mainly will focus on being a mom in the Windy City and my love for fashion (preferably matching with Kennedy any chance I get)!

I can’t wait to share more with you and I hope that you follow along.

XO – Sarah


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