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I wanted to share some family photos we got done recently in Olive Park (one of our favorite spots in the city). Our first apartment when we moved to Chicago was in Streeterville. It was a 5 minute walk to the lake and I would take the dogs to Olive Park to play everyday. This park has a great view of the city and has plenty of grass for the dogs to run around. Buster has problems and thinks he is bigger than Ari. Let’s just say he is super defensive of his frisbee and almost tried to fight a 130lb mastiff so we can’t take him into dog parks anymore. Now we don’t live as close to the lake, we don’t make it to Olive Park as often, but we still try to go once or twice on weekends. I thought for this post I would share 10 random things about us…















1. In college Russell and I took a lot of the same business classes. Russell liked getting to class 15 mins early and I was always the girl who would be walking into class  just as the professor was closing the door. We lived in the same building and one day his alarm didn’t go off on time and he ended up walking outside the same time as me. Needless to say he was “late” to class everyday after that and would wait for me outside our building so we could walk together. We started dating shortly after that.

2. We got Buster (the yorkie) our senior year in undergrad and got Ari (the Boxer) about 8 months later, the summer Russell started law school when we moved to Columbus. If I had to do it over, we would have gotten Ari first because Buster thinks he rules the house and Ari actually thinks Buster is the boss.

3. We named Ari after Ari Gold from Entourage because Russell and I were both obsessed with the series in college. Although, based on their personalities, we should have named Buster Ari and Ari should be Lloyd.

4. We got engaged in Avalon, NJ on the beach. Russell and I went for a bike ride that morning and his mom, brother, and his brother’s girlfriend wrote “Sarah will you marry me” in the sand. They also ran into a photographer from their hometown and he got pictures of us walking down the beach and when Russell got down on one knee. I was super surprised, and even though I was in workout clothes and no makeup, it was pretty romantic.

5. Russell’s brother and (now) fiance that helped out with our proposal and are getting married at Avalon where we got engaged. I’m excited for their wedding. It’s cool that beach is special to all of us.

6. We order pizza every Friday and just hang out or watch movies. Our favorite pizza places in the city are Piece, Happy Camper, or Marcellos (we save deep dish for when people come in from out of town, otherwise we would weigh like 400lbs from all that cheese).

7. In the 8 years we have been together we have lived in 6 different apartments together. I officially hate moving.

8. Every year when we go to the beach I rarely get in the Ocean because sharks are my #1 fear, but somehow Russell convinced me to scuba dive when we were in Hawaii on our honeymoon. We went down 50ft and it was probably the coolest thing we’ve ever done.

9. I wasn’t sure if my water broke with Kennedy so I walked 9 blocks to our hospital. I was convinced I was going to be sent home so I didn’t even bring our hospital bags with me and I told Russell not to leave work right away. Turns out I was wrong and she was born 20 hours later (as soon as I told Russell it was definitely happening, he left work and stopped home to grab our hospital bags).

10. I think one of our secrets to a happy marriage is never stop making each other laugh.

Happy Friday

xo, Sarah

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