Summer Recap

Sarah Gray (49)


Even though today is technically the first day of fall, I’m not quite ready to bust out the sweaters and boots just yet (and especially not with this 90 degree Chicago weather!). Since we still have a few hot weekends left, I thought I would share some photos from the beach and some of our favorite baby/kid friendly things we did this summer in the city.


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Out & About


Happy Friday! I’m really looking forward to this long relaxing weekend since we have so much coming up towards the end of Sept/beginning of Oct. It’s so crazy to me how much difference a month makes with babies. Seeing Kennedy’s personality evolve more and more is the best. One day we were sitting there playing peek-a-boo and she grabbed the blanket and started putting it up over her own face. Now anytime she is around a blanket or towel she grabs it and wants to start playing peek-a-boo all on her own.┬áIt’s really fun to see her pick up on things. Kennedy also started to get SUPER excited to see the dogs. Anytime we are out at the store and come back home, (or anytime she doesn’t see the dogs for more than like 15 mins) when she sees them again she will scream excitedly, almost at the top of her lungs. It’s too cute! As much as I don’t want summer to end, I am starting to get excited to wear boots and sweaters soon. Even though we aren’t matching here, I featured a few matching outfits that will be good to transition into fall.

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