Fam Jammies

Holiday time has always been one of my favorite times of the year, and now with the girls, itโ€™s even more magical. Seeing their faces light up opening presents or looking at all the decorations is the best. We started doing matching family pjs the first year Kennedy was born and I hope to keep it a tradition as long as we can. Here are some of the photos we took for our Christmas card this year.

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Fall Stroll

I promise this is the last fall post. This was the most perfect fall day in the city. It’s kind of unfortunate fall only lasted about a week here, and then it was basically winter weather. By far the 2 most used items as a mom in the city are my stroller and diaper bag. We literally never leave the apartment without them. I’ve said this before, but with not having a car in the city, I am obsessed with our Vista stroller. I’m so glad we invested in such a quality stroller and one that is versatile enough to transition from 1 baby to 2.

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Fall in the City


Playing catch up with a few of these posts because I just love the images too much. Fall in the city is one of my favorite times. Although there aren’t a ton of trees in the city obviously, I just love walking through a few of the parks we go to and seeing how pretty the leaves look.

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Pink Velvet Puffers


Velvet is for sure one of this year’s biggest trends. I picked this coat up for Kennedy at Baby Gap, and a few days later I was browsing online and saw pretty much an identical coat in my size. Needless to say I couldn’t resist.

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Life Update


Wow, it’s been a reallyyyy long time since I’ve posted on here and a lot of (really special) things have happened since then! We welcomed our new baby girl Scarlett into the world on Sept 5th. I think the last time I wrote a blog post was probably around the time I found out I was pregnant with her…

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