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Wow, it’s been a reallyyyy long time since I’ve posted on here and a lot of (really special) things have happened since then! We welcomed our new baby girl Scarlett into the world on Sept 5th. I think the last time I wrote a blog post was probably around the time I found out I was pregnant with her…

Morning sickness, life with a mobile toddler, and other things got in the way so my blog fell to the side and just wasn’t a priority for me at the time. I took some time to really focus on motherhood and (after my first trimester morning sickness) I wanted to slow down and enjoy my pregnancy. Part of me wishes I would have kept posting, but I had too many other priorities, and that’s ok. I feel like I’m in a good place/routine with 2 babies and will hopefully be posting on here a lot more frequently.


I really cannot believe I am a mom of 2! Life has been so different now that I have a toddler and a new baby, but it’s amazing. I’m not going to write a full post about Scarlett’s birth story, but I cannot get over how much easier (and faster) everything is the 2nd time around. I really felt like I could soak it all in so much more with Scarlett, I guess because I knew what to expect and just felt super calm. I sort of feel bad saying this because I know all mom’s experiences are different and babies have different temperaments, but my two girls have been so so good. Not that they don’t have their moments, but overall Kennedy was a super easy baby (slept through the night from the beginning), and now Scarlett has been almost even easier (which I really didn’t think was possible). I don’t know what Russ and I did to deserve this. lol Because we definitely had no clue what we were doing. I do think the biggest thing is that we are both super relaxed people and I think babies feed off of your energy.


Other than marrying my husband and seeing my 2 babies take their first breath, one of my favorite moments in my life was seeing Kennedy meet Scarlett. She is beyond obsessed with babies so we knew she would freak out and love her so much. Kennedy is the best big sister and thankfully, we haven’t had any jealous issues since bringing Scarlett home. I really  don’t have words for how much I love them and just can’t believe they are mine.




xo, Sarah

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